Acting as a responsible consumer

The Close-Env app  will help me find local merchants, around my home. Over the course of its use, I will be able to establish close ties, and encourage a local economy with a more positive impact on the environment.

If I manage a non-profit association, I can also use the application to communicate to users potentially interested in the purpose of the association: create an account for an association

Relying on local sales to develop my activity

The Close-Env app  will help me to publicize my activity, by positioning it locally. My business will be visible to registered members located near it. Via the application I will be able to send them targeted messages.

We form a community of interests

We have a lot in common, but above all a planet that our children would like to enjoy when their turn comes. Our duty is also to think of future generations...
The Close-Env app user community needs to grow for everyone to benefit. This is why you should not hesitate to talk about it around you.

  Alone we go faster, together we go further.

Quote from  African proverb